Why Use a Full Time Realtor® who is also a Property Manager in Benicia

When you use a professional who is both a Realtor® and a property manager, you can take advantage of one stop shopping for your investment property. You don’t have to hire a separate real estate agent to help you locate a worthwhile investment property and then later hire a property manager to help you get it rent ready and maintain it for your tenants.

The main benefit to using someone who can do both things is the eye for maintenance. When property managers/Realtors® take you through an investment property you are looking at, they will be able to help you see any pitfalls that may exist moving forward. They will also have a really good idea about what the cost will be to do the work. Whether it’s a kitchen upgrade, a leaky roof, carpet that needs changing, new paint on the wall or any other maintenance issues, you need real numbers to help with making an offer on that house.

A second benefit is that property managers who are also Realtors® have the connections you need to ensure your repairs get done quickly. When you buy an investment property, your plans are to close on the sale and then get it rented out immediately. You don’t want a long vacancy between the Use Full Time Realtor©  Property Manager Beniciaclosing date and the day you begin collecting rent from a tenant. A Realtor®/property manager can help you keep that vacancy period low. While you are getting ready to close, your Realtor®/property manager can begin looking for tenants and lining up contractors to get the necessary work completed. Working with someone who is a professional in both areas will help you get that investment property rent ready immediately.

A full time real estate agent/property manager can bring these important things to the table. They can help you understand what a good rental property looks like and how to estimate what repairs will need to be done before a tenant moves in, and they will be able to ensure you have that house ready to be rented as soon as possible. There are no delays in the process when you go with someone who is both a real estate agent and a property manager.

If you have any questions on how you might benefit from working with a company that provides both real estate and property management services, please contact us at Estey Real Estate and Property Management. We’d be happy to talk to you.


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