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Tips to Prep your Benicia Rental Home for New Tenants

Our topic today is how to prepare your rental home for a new tenant after an existing tenant moves out. We have Victor Iniguez of Remodel Plus here to talk to us about the upgrades that are worth making. We manage a lot of property, the upgrades and maintenance we do between tenants is something […]

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Benicia Investment Property Facts Real Estate Costs and Fees

Today we are talking about the closing costs and fees involved in real estate transactions. Buyers are always asking us what they will have to be prepared to pay for, in addition to the down payment on the home they purchase. I’ve asked Alan Schwartzman with Advanced Mortgage, a division of American Pacific Mortgage, to […]

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The 1031 Exchange Process in Benicia and California

Our topic today is the 1031 Exchange process. Some of you may have heard of this before. The 1031 Exchange is part of the tax code. It states a person can sell a piece of investment property, move the gain they would have received from that sale to a third party exchange company, and then […]

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Is Your Benicia Rental Property Investment a House of Cards?

There are a couple of questions every investor tends to ask once in a while, especially when things seem to be more of a struggle when it comes to rental property. If your answers to these following questions are “yes” you might want to seek some help. 1. Are you having a hard time keeping […]

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How a Benicia Property Manager Helps You Handle Your Rental Property Liability

So many times, people come to me and tell me they are thinking about renting out their property, but they’re worried about tenants trashing the place. They hesitate because they don’t want any damage to occur to their property. Others are worried that tenant evictions mean taking forever and be a costly process. Today, I […]

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Why Use Estey

Estey Real Estate and Property Management has been in business since 1946, serving southern Solano County in areas such as Benicia, Vallejo, Fairfield and nearby neighborhoods. For three generations we have been trusted by our community. We are a full service real estate company that helps people buy property, sell property and manage their investment […]

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Speak to a Property Manager When You’re Thinking about Buying a Benicia Investment Property

There are specific things you should ask a property manager before you buy an investment property. These are the same things that come up over and over. When owners ask them after the purchase is already made, the truths can be hard. Having all the information early will help you buy the right home. When […]

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Why Use a Full Time Realtor® who is also a Property Manager in Benicia

When you use a professional who is both a Realtor® and a property manager, you can take advantage of one stop shopping for your investment property. You don’t have to hire a separate real estate agent to help you locate a worthwhile investment property and then later hire a property manager to help you get […]

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How a Local Benicia Property Manager Helps Remote Landlords

At Estey Real Estate and Property Management, many of our clients are global. These international investors choose us for the same reasons our local property owners choose us. They know we have an expertise in the local market that enables us to set the right rental price on their properties. We find highly qualified tenants […]

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Heading Towards Foreclosure in Benicia? Talk to a Property Manager!

Today we are talking about what happens before you go down the road to foreclosure. When you find yourself in a situation where you’re facing foreclosure, so many people think they are doomed and it’s best to just let the house go. However, there may be some options left for you to consider before you […]

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